Laser Hire

We have a Total of 5 Lasers for Hire

We have 3 Eu Lights Lasers available at £15 a Laser per night. These are Sound to light so Run to the beat of the music. The EU Lights Double Red Laser is ideal for mobile or small installation use. Sound operation via built in microphone. Master / slave linkable units, Sound activated 20 preset program pattern including light beams, times-tunnel effects and geometric graphics. Synchronised duo motion, front panel fitted with slide able shutters for transit safety. Laser colour red, laser power 2 x 10mw, laser class 3b, power consumption 80w, voltage ac240v/50hz, size:415mm x 236mm x 165mm, net weight:6.5kg.Input/output XLR standard connection. Key lock  switch. weight:6.5kg.Input/output XLR not DMX.  Key lock  switch.standard connection. Key lock  switch.DMX.  Key lock  switch.standard connection.

We also have a Dual Red Laser at 100mw for £20 a Night.

Diode Pumped Solid State Laser (DPSS) Wavelength: 650nm, Ruby Red Cooling: Air Cooling Power Supply: (240V available on request) Output Power: 50mW/50mW Control: Own Remote Control Mode: Sound/Auto/Pattern Motor: N1.8 High Precision Step Motor Functions: 50 Patterns Display Effects: Tunnel, Fan, Space Tunnel, Fairy Flower Dimensions:408mmx280mmx120mm Net Weight: 13.5lbs

At the moment our most powerful Laser is the Red/Green/Yellow Laser Available at £30 a night

This has many 3d Type patterns when used with lots of smoke. Rated at 250mw